2019 VOL 5, ISSUE 3

Journal Of Accounting, Finance And Auditing Studies

2019, Vol 5, Issue 3

ISSN: 2149 – 0996

Field: Accounting, Finance, Auditing Studies

Type: Peer-Reviewed Journal

Publishing Period: Quarterly In Year

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Rufi Osmani, Fisnik Morina
The Key Performance of Commercial Banks: Evidence from Republic of Kosovo

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2019.27

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Fisnik Morina, Rufi Osmani
The impact of macroeconomic factors on the level of deposits in the
banking sector, an empirical analysis in the Western Balkan countries

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2019.28

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K. Florence Waitherero, M. Stephen Wanyoike, M. Stephen Muriu
Interaction between Financial Risk Management and Value of the Firm
among Private Equity Firms in Frontier Markets: A Theoretical Perspective

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2019.29

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Edi, Leony Irayanti
How Merger and Acquisition Affect Firm Performance and Its Quality

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2019.30

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Nexhmie Berisha Vokshi, Rrustem Asllanaj
Implementation of IFRS in Kosovo: Effect on the quality and
relevance of financial reporting

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2019.31

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U. Zubairu, A. Ochepa, H. Umar, R. Kolo, J. Umar, A. Usman
Audit retention versus audit rotation – an update of the debate

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2019.32

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Ali Haydar Güngörmüş
The Effect Of Internal Audit System On Institutional Governance
Level In Businesses (İşletmelerde İç Denetimin Kurumsal Yönetim
Düzeyi Üzerine Etkisi)

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2019.33

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