2019 VOL 5, ISSUE 4

Journal Of Accounting, Finance And Auditing Studies

2019, Vol 5, Issue 4

ISSN: 2149 – 0996

Field: Accounting, Finance, Auditing Studies

Type: Peer-Reviewed Journal

Publishing Period: Quarterly In Year

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Peter Nderitu Githaiga, Josephat Cheboi Yegon, Joyce Kimosop Komen
Income Diversification and Financial Perfomance. Should Banks Trade?

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2019.34

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Elisa Tjondro, Effie Kurniati Prayogo, Yoke Amanda
The Influence of E-Tax User Satisfaction on Perception of Service
Tax Climate and Overall Satisfaction

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2019.35

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Emre Ergin, İlkay Ejder Erturan
Fraud Evasion Triangle: Why Can Fraud Not Be Detected?

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2019.36

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John Taskinsoy
A Hiccup in Turkey’s Prolonged Credit Fueled Economic Transition:
A Comparative Analysis of Before and After the August Rout

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2019.37

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John Taskinsoy
This Time is Different: Facebook’s Libra Can Improve Both
Financial Inclusion and Global Financial Stability as a Viable
Alternative Currency to the U.S. Dollar

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2019.38

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Ahmet Gökgöz
A Qualitative Assessment on Public Oversight Accounting and
Auditing Standards Authority and Auditor’s Audit within the Context of
Surveillance Concept (Gözetim Kavramı Bağlamında Kamu Gözetimi Kurumu
ve Denetçinin Denetimi Üzerine Nitel Bir Değerlendirme)

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2019.39

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George Obeng
Investment Decision; Information Driven and Preference Ordering

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2019.40

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Dona Ganeesha Priyangika Kaluarachchi
IImpact of Operating Spread on Firm’s Performances: Evidence from
Sri Lankan Manufacturing Companies

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2019.41

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Edi, Erik Saputra
The Effect of Director Experience on Acquisition Performance

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2019.42

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