2023 VOL 9, ISSUE 2

Journal Of Accounting, Finance And Auditing Studies

2023, Vol 9, Issue 2

ISSN: 2149 – 0996

Field: Accounting, Finance, Auditing Studies

Type: Peer-Reviewed Journal

Publishing Period: Quarterly In Year

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Wadesango Ongayi
An analysis of the level of collaboration between social and
environmental stakeholders and Johannesburg Stock Exchange-listed
companies in creation of shared value

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2023.010

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Enwereji Prince Chukwuneme, Aluko Timothy Olaniyi, Bayai Innocent
South African government palliative funds for SMMEs during COVID-19:
challenges of implementation and suggestions for improvement

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2023.011

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Babatunde Olufemi Oke, Henry Ikechukwu Onwere
Evaluating the Impact of CAMEL Variables on the Share Price of Banks
in Sub-Sahara Africa

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2023.012

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Nargiza Alymkulova, Nnaemeka .E. Ohaegbu
Monetary Policy Shocks and Output Growth in Nigeria: Which
Shocks are more Important?

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2023.013

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Adeoye A Afolabi, Lourens J Erasmus
Financial Performance Adequacy of Pension Fund Managers in Nigeria

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2023.014

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Queen Mpofu, Favourate Y Sebele-Mpofu
The perspective of top management towards human capital
measurement and disclosure in the Zimbabwean mining sector

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2023.015

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Queen Mpofu, Favourate Y Sebele-Mpofu
Conceptualising a human capital measurement and reporting framework

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2023.016

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Laban Gasper, Haika Mbwambo
Forecasting Crude Oil Prices By Using ARIMA Model: Evidence From Tanzania

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2023.017

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Reinhardt J. Hitge, Merwe Oberholzer, Sanlie Middelberg
Developing a Strategic Cost Management Model for a Potato Packing Facility

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2023.018

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Beny Mwenda, Magwana Ngollo, Amosi Mwasota
Effects of Macroeconomic Variables On Performance of Listed
Firms at Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange, Tanzania

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2023.019

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Winston Pontoh, Novi Swandari Budiarso
The Random Walk and Systematic Risk in Indonesia

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2023.020

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