2022 VOL 8, ISSUE 4

Journal Of Accounting, Finance And Auditing Studies

2022, Vol 8, Issue 4

ISSN: 2149 – 0996

Field: Accounting, Finance, Auditing Studies

Type: Peer-Reviewed Journal

Publishing Period: Quarterly In Year

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Eukeria Wealth, Joseph O Akande, Favourate Y Mpofu
Challenges and Implications of Applying the Zimbabwean
Domestic Transfer Pricing Rules: An SME Perspective

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2022.025

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Juan-Pierré Bruwer, Ashwin Petersen
The perceptions of South African Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise
Management on occupational fraud risk, economic sustainability and
key employee characteristics: What are the relationships?

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2022.026

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Vimbainashe Chizana, Newman Wadesango
Literature Review of the Impact of Intermediate Money
Transfer Tax (IMTT) On Performance of SMES

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2022.027

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Kader Erol
Looking at the IKEA Effect with Someone Else’s Labor:
Do the Values We Set for Our Work and Someone Else’s Work Differentiate?
(IKEA Etkisine Başkasının Emeğiyle Bakmak: Kendi Emeğimize ve
Başkasının Emeğine Biçtiğimiz Değerler Farklılaşır mı?)

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2022.028

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N. Gözde Bircan
The Irony of Financial Reporting

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2022.029

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Edi Edi, Nur Hidayah
The Role of Firm Reputation Between The Relationship of
CEO Characteristics and Firm Performance After Merger and Acquisition

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2022.030

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Louis Smidt, Cindy Pretorius, D P van der Nest
Current Use of the Risk Register to Integrate Strategy and
Risk- and Performance Management: A Case of
a University of Technology in South Africa

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2022.031

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Austin Mwange, Moses Chansa
Emerging Issues In Accounting: A Theoretical Review

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2022.032

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Anggun Soraya Dyhati, Tertiarto Wahyudi, Azwardi
The Effect of Integrity, Objectivity and Management Support on the
Effectiveness of Internal Audit of The Government Sector in
The Covid-19 Pandemic Condition

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2022.033

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Faith Nyaradzo Mapope, Newman Wadesango, Sitcha L
The viability of tax e-services in ensuring taxpayer compliance and
its impact on revenue collection: A case study of ZIMRA

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2022.034

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Sezen Güngör, Hatice Er
Proposal Of Extended Lollapalooza Effect For Behavioral
Finance: Are Dopamin Receptors A Good Candidate in Genoeconomis?
(Davranışsal Finans İçin Genişletilmiş Lollapalooza Etkisi Önerisi:
Dopamin Reseptörleri Genoekonomide İyi Bir Aday Mı?)

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2022.035

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Edi Edi, Ermi Wijaya
The Role of Managerial ability on Operational Performance and
Stock Return moderated by CEO Overconfidence

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2022.036

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Alu N. A. Chituru, Shiyanbola A. Alice, Olurin T. Oluwatoyosi, Moses A. Grace
Audit Quality and Earnings Management by Listed Firms in Nigeria

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2022.037

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Austin Mwange
An Empirical Investigation of the Impact of Monetary
Policy on Economic Growth in Zambia

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2022.038

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Samuel Tabot Enow
Investigating The Weekend Anomaly and Its Implications:
Evidence From International Financial Markets

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2022.039

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Intan Kumala Sari, Luk Luk Fuadah, Yusnaini
CEO Narcissism, Company Value and Earnings
Management in Industrial Sector of Indonesia

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2022.040

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