2022 VOL 8, ISSUE 1

Journal Of Accounting, Finance And Auditing Studies

2022, Vol 8, Issue 1

ISSN: 2149 – 0996

Field: Accounting, Finance, Auditing Studies

Type: Peer-Reviewed Journal

Publishing Period: Quarterly In Year

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Faeeza Jaffer, Elza Odendaal, Hans Theron
Assessing a Company’s Tone at the Top:
Evidence from South African Auditing Firms

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2022.001

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Supriyanto, Kennily Kho
Does Capital Structure Mediates the Link between
CEO Characteristics and Firm Performance?

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2022.002

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Diyah S. Hariyani, Wenni Wahyuandari, Louse H. Amira Salatnaya
Sustainability Reporting and Company’s Value

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2022.003

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Hakan Yazarkan, Sema Yiğit, Bahadır Baş
The Validity of the Cost Stickiness Theory in SMEs and
The Decision-Making Styles of Managers: Evidence from Turkey

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2022.004

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Favourate Y Sebele-Mpofu, Eukeria Mashiri, Siboniso Warima
Enhancing the effectiveness of transfer pricing regulation
enforcement in reducing Base Erosion and Profit Shifting in
African countries. A scoping review

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2022.005

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Najafi Afrooz, Najafi Manuchehr
The Effect of Risk and Stock Returns on the Quality of Profits of
Industries Listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2022.006

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Erna Wati, Olivia Rebeca Tamaris Gultom
The Impact of Ownership Structure on Earnings Management:
Evidence from the Indonesian Stock Exchange

Doi: 10.32602/jafas.2022.007

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